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Place of Interest


The church of Sant Martí

Located inside the historic center of Sant Martí d'Empúries, in the middle of the Plaza Major, built on the ruins of the moat of the medieval castle. Gothic building whose construction ends in 1538 which includes a single nave, a facade decorated with a rosette and a portal of arched arch, as well as ornaments very withered since all these years. Inside are keystones, several paleochristian altars and a novel baptismal font.


"Casa Forestal"

Built in 1910 and supervised the rehabilitation of the coastal dunes and its native vegetation. Located next to the church of Sant Martí d'Empúries, currently hosts the headquarters of the Iberia Graeca Foundation, as a museum. The main facade, with a tower-like body, displays a style that combines elements of a modernist character. The side and rear facade, in restoration, open with rectangular galleries, with stained glass on the upper floor reminiscent of art deco.


The Gardens of Victor Català

Built on the order of the writer Caterina Albert and Paradís (L'Escala, 1869-1966), known under the pseudonym of Víctor Català, very attached to this place to spend long time. Currently difficult to imagine its origins of yesteryear although it preserves some of its prestige.


The "Plaça del Pou"

Located at the northern entrance of the village, this well was vital for the inhabitants of Sant Martí d'Empúries, the only place where the water came in operation until 1958, when the first drinking water system was installed. .


The walls of Empúries

The set of walls of the thirteenth century is largely preserved. There are pieces of walls with merlons on the north and west face and some remains in other areas. We also find the ruins of a tower. The portal of the south-west corner stands out particularly. Next to the church are the remains of a circular tower corresponding to the fortified wall dating back to the early Middle Ages.


Castle of the Count of Empúries

Located in the urban core of Sant Martí d'Empúries, the remains are located next to Plaza Major. The gate and the wall are the only preserved elements of the old castle. It dates from the 13th-14th century. Inspiration from comic creator Captain Trueno (Ivanhoe) as the residence of the superhero.

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